Thursday, 22 July 2010

Eat Halaal in Shin-Okubo

Shin-Okubo, famous for its Korea Town and small Thai and Chinese restaurants, also happens to be famous for "Halaal" food among Arabs & Muslims living in Tokyo. Today I jump on the Yamanote Line for Shin-Okubo.

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Shop owners not always Muslim, must have recognized a niche market that needs catering for. "I came from Nepal to Tokyo three years ago" one shop owner tells me, "I am not Muslim myself but of course, everything is Halaal", he then asks me if I am a student. Shin-Okubo, located not so far away from Waseda University and other Japanese language schools, sees many Indonesian, Pakistani and other Arab and Muslim students that visit the area regularly for Halaal products and eateries.


  1. Salaam..
    Was in Tokyo for 3 months in 2004. During Ramadhan I used to break fast there and they gave free meal during first day of Eid-ul-fitr.
    Loved it!!!...

  2. Hi Hala!
    This is a great blog! I found it through a link was put on twitter, I am glad to have found it :)

    I was in Tokyo this May and in the Airport I saw many Egyptians visiting, it is so cool, I wish I knew where the Arabs gather, I felt lonely at times.

    Thanks for this wonderful post, it is very useful for us.

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  4. This is a great blog. I am new to Tokyo and it is really hard to find halal places and masjids also. I am going to go to shin-okubo tomorrow. Thank you!

  5. Hey! Please tell me - do you know where I can get Beedies in Tokyo? My mother smokes them and I can't find any for her!